Title companies

The purchase or refinance of real property is a major event for a new or current homeowner.  The use of a title company is important because they will investigate public land records for outstanding mortgages, liens, and judgments before issuing a “clear title”. Title companies are responsible in collecting funds necessary for transfer and the disbursement of monies. Note: You have the right to choose any title company for your settlement and travel to your choice of settlement location. Here is a list of settlement companies our clients have been please with their services and fees.


Pinnacle Title & Escrow, Inc.
Contact: David M. Maged
51 Monroe Street, #1505
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Office (301) 424-5400
website: https://pinnacletitle.com

Middletown Valley Title & Escrow, LLC
Contact: Fadia Ziadeh
1350 Marker Road
Middletown, Maryland 21769
Office (301) 371-0248
website: http://www.middletownvalleytitleandescrow.com

National Capital Title & Escrow
Contact: Craig Sacks
600 Jefferson Plaza, #101
Rockville, Maryland 20852
Office (301) 948-2300
website: http://www.natcaptitle.com

Advantage Settlement, Inc.
Contact: Deirdre Vo
6521 Arlington Blvd., Suite 310
Falls Church, Virginia 22042
Office: (703) 532-9520
website: http://www.advantagesettlement.com